BMC has a clear environmental philosophy that focuses on responsible project development that leads to positive legacy outcomes. We recognise our obligation as a responsible corporate member of our community to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner with due regard to the legacy of our actions.

We regularly review our own environmental performance and strive for continual improvement at all levels of the organisation. Achievement of our environmental objectives is supported by our corporate policies, appropriate standards, procedures and programmes and ongoing training and workplace communication.


Proving Environmental Stewardship

In November 2016, BMC Minerals (wholly owned subsidiary of BMC (UK) Limited) was awarded the annual Robert E Leckie award for Responsible and Innovative Exploration and Mining Practice’, at the 44th Yukon Geoscience Forum Awards Banquet in Whitehorse, Yukon.

This prestigious award recognises mining companies and operators who utilise modern operations and reclamation practices and who show outstanding social responsibility. The award is presented each year to acknowledge exemplary performance in environmental stewardship.

Since acquisition of the Kudz Ze Kayah Project in 2015, BMC Minerals has progressed several initiatives in social partnering with the aim to establish the Project as a long-term viable economic proposal so that local communities gain meaningful benefit. This has included a supplier development program, ensuring local businesses and service providers are involved in the logistics and supply chain, and the initiation of a Kaska student scholarship programme to support the next generation of mining professionals.

BMC and the BMC Minerals team take environmental stewardship very seriously. As a group we intend to continue to manage our project in the manner that was recognized in this award, and in so doing demonstrate that we are a development partner of choice.